Privacy and Data processing
The information you input into the app is stored securely on our server hosted by HostEurope, to read their privacy policy, please visit

The information saved on our server includes: Email adress, Information about excercise, name, weight (optional), height (optional), device identifier In app purchase is handled by use of Revenue Cat. To read their privacy policy please visit this link If Premium member: Information about membership expire date Your Push messages are send with Firebase (data processor), to read their privacy policy, please visit this link

The information shared with Firebase includes:
Device Type
Operating System
Last seen (last time you used the app)

We use Firebase for analytics and event tracking, to read their privacy policy, please visit
For more information on data processing, or for data deletion requests, please contact us at:
Loeberute Premium is a paid subscription which gives you access to custom and extended functionality. It also serves as support for continuous development of the product.